Room Availability

This table shows current regular bookings.  At all other times the room may be available.

Last updated December 2015.

Meeting RoomGarden RoomMargaret Kemp Room
Monday amTerm times
Monday pm3rd Monday of month
Monday eve2nd and last Monday of monthFully bookedFully booked
Tuesday amTerm timesTerm times
Tuesday pmTerm timesFully booked
Tuesday eve1st and 3rd of month
Wednesday amFully booked
Wednesday pmFully booked
Wednesday eveFully booked1st and last of the monthTerm times
Thursday amBooked fortnightlyBooked fortnightly
Thursday pm3rd of the month
2nd of month, but not every one
Thursday eveBlock booked, occasionally availableBlock booked, occasionally available
Friday am3rd of the month, bi-monthly
Friday pm
Friday eveFully booked
Saturday amWhole MH term timesWhole MH term timesWhole MH term times
Saturday pm1st of the month
Saturday eve
Sunday all dayNot availableNot availableNot available