Quakers write to Bury MP candidates about Economic Inequality

Quakers write to Bury MP candidates about Economic Inequality

Bury St Edmunds Quakers have sent the following letters to all the candidates for election as MP for Bury St Edmunds in May.

We are sending you this pamphlet to mark Quaker Equality Week (7th-15th March) because we are your prospective constituents and we wish to draw to your attention this expression of our Testimony to equality. Quakers hold four Testimonies: to peace, equality, simplicity and truth. These are not forms of words but are lived out in each generation according to our spiritual experience.

The inequalities which are growing so rapidly in our country are a source of deep concern to us. The UK is one of the most unequal societies in the developed world and this is damaging to every single one of us whatever our status and income may be. The most unequal societies are also the most dysfunctional. Studies show them to have the highest rates of ill health crime, family breakdown and under-age pregnancy.

We ask that you will take time to read and reflect upon ‘Economic Inequality: A Quaker Concern[click to see the leaflet] and that whatever your party stance may be, you will search within your own conscience for a response to the issues it lays before us. What actions might you take both as a politically active person and a possible Member of Parliament? Will you undertake to scrutinise every policy proposal and piece of legislation taking this simple question as your yardstick: ”Does this increase or decrease inequality for my fellow citizens?”

We also invite you to join us in the Meeting House on 16 March at 7.30 pm when we will be showing three short films on aspects of inequality with discussion on each of the issues concerned. Admission is free but we hope those attending will bring a contribution to the foodbank.