Reading Quaker Faith and Practice

Reading Quaker Faith and Practice

Quakers are edging towards the revision of Quaker Faith and Practice and has appointed a “Book of Discipline Revision Preparation Group” to carry this process further. This group is persuading Friends to make a proper study of the book in its current form. It has produced this Reading Calendar to aid us in this.

We are studying the work together at various events:

See the red items on the calendar

Quaker Faith and Practice is available online at

October 2015Chapter 21: Personal journey
November 2015Chapter 23: Social responsibility
December 2015Chapter 3: General counsel on church affairs
January 2016Chapter 2: Approaches to God – worship and prayer
February 2016Chapter 5: Other Quaker groupings
Chapter 6: Yearly Meeting
March 2016Chapter 10: Belonging to a Quaker meeting
Chapter 11: Membership
April 2016Chapter 12: Caring for one another
Chapter 17: Quaker funerals and memorial meetings
May 2016Chapter 16: Quaker marriage procedure
Chapter 22: Close relationships
June 2016Chapter 13: Varieties of religious service
Chapter 20: Living faithfully today
July 2016Chapter 26: Reflections
August 2016Chapter 7: Meeting for Sufferings
Chapter 15: Trusteeship
September 2016Chapter 8: The central managed work
Chapter 28: Sharing the Quaker experience
October 2016Chapter 1: Advices and Queries
Chapter 4: Area meetings and local meetings
November 2016Chapter 24: Our peace testimony
December 2016Chapter 27: Unity and diversity
January 2017Chapter 14: Stewardship of our material resources
Chapter 25: Unity of creation
February 2017Chapter 9: Beyond Britain Yearly Meeting
Chapter 18: Faithful lives
March 2017Chapter 19: Openings
Chapter 29: Leadings
April 2017Introduction and Note on the history of the text
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