Zoom Discussion Group

Zoom Discussion Group

Some of the Friends who meet on Zoom for MFWs have found that very often interesting discussions arise spontaneously afterwards, while we are having our ‘virtual coffee’.

And we have found these to be quite valuable, because most of us are unable to get to Meeting for one reason or another, mainly relating to health problems and/or travel considerations.

We are all aware of our environmental impact on the climate too.

So it’s been suggested that we have a designated Zoom time for, hopefully, meaningful discussions, and open to everyone who wants to join in. We would follow a flexible programme and it would adhere to Quaker values, allowing time and space for individuals to speak without interruption. Although we are all Quakers/attenders, we often find that various different but valid considerations are held amongst us, and it’s recognised that a group such as this might be a suitable place to talk around them.

We do plan to talk about Quaker Testimonies, among other things, including current events as and when they arise.

We have decided from April to meet on the last Thursday of each month at 7:00pm.

For more details please contact Ros.

Next one 28th September