Yearly Meeting 2016

Yearly Meeting next year will be held from 27 – 30 May at Friends House, London.

Yearly Meeting is when Quakers in Britain come together to worship, to make decisions and to spend time as a community. We will be continuing to look at how we live out our faith in the world, starting through hearing our stories. And we will look at how we recognise and respond to the promptings of the spirit to act in the world, and how we know and use our gifts.

Some sharing of our stories will start on Friday afternoon and we will also provide space for Friends to engage with the centrally managed work undertaken by committee members and staff. Further details of this will be sent to you early next year.

We know that some local and area meetings like to make time to consider the matters coming before Yearly Meeting and we thought you might find it helpful to know what documents to expect and when, so that you can plan for this.

To help Friends and meetings consider the themes of Yearly Meeting, whether or not they plan to attend, and to prepare spiritually:

– The Spiritual Preparation document should be with clerks by 6 February 2016.

– Documents to read in advance and for use during Yearly Meeting: Agenda and Notes, and Epistles and Testimonies will be with clerks by 25 March 2016, Trustee Annual Report and Financial Statements in mid April and the Tabular Statement by 27 April 2016.Information about other activities at the time of Yearly Meeting: Events Listing will be with clerks by 27 April 2016

– In addition the webpages will be updated regularly and information on nominations, Meeting for Sufferings membership and suggested amendments to Quaker faith & practice will be available on the website. The website address will be

Finally, this year we are asking Friends wishing to come to Yearly Meeting to register in advance. Our reasons for doing this are:

a) To ensure that if numbers are high, appropriate practical arrangements can be made for the right holding of Yearly Meeting.
b) It will better enable our pastoral care group to anticipate and arrange support where needed.
c) Friends House Hospitality will have a better idea of how many Friends to cater for so saving on food wastage.
d) Name labels can be pre-printed with additional information that may be of use to Friends.

Further details of how to register will be sent with the spiritual preparation document. Children and young people should register now and information about this has already been sent to meetings. The closing date for registration for the children and young people’s programmes is 16 March 2016.