Visit to The Hive

Visit to The Hive

We have been invited by Steph Holland and Claire Basing to visit The Hive on Sunday 3rd September. After Meeting for Worship Friends can make their way, sharing lifts. A simple shared lunch for everyone to eat on arrival, will be provided. This might also be a time for wandering around and chatting to Steph and Claire.

We will use the theme of ‘Gratitude ‘. The Hive are grateful for the donation; Friends are grateful to John Hill for his legacy, for what we have been able to support with the money, and for the opportunity of closer connections with The Hive.

After lunch a simple all age activity will be offered: a sort of ‘treasure hunt’. Using a simple map everyone is invited to locate the different areas/habitats and look for the treasure there- not gold nuggets and gems, but precious aspects of nature that nourish us and the earth. Rather than collect the ‘treasure ‘ we leave it where it is and give thanks.

Finally we will gather in a circle; share our experiences of the ‘treasure hunt’ and what we found to be grateful for; remember and honour John Hill with quiet gratitude for his legacy.

Full details, directions and so on nearer the date.