Study Group

Study Group

Study group sessions proposed by elders, in which we will be looking at some of the extracts from early Friends in Quaker Faith and Practice.

It was agreed at the Open Forum with Elders that there would be a definite end time, and so the session will finish at or before 1pm! Subsequent sessions are planned for the last Sundays in the months following. We can be flexible here once the group is established.

The intention is to focus on one such passage in each session (probably just one, we’ll see how it goes), read it together, reflect on it in and for itself, and also explore whether and in what ways it might continue to shape our spiritual life and outlook now. We will respond using creative listening, hearing from each member of the group in turn (each member who wants to contribute), perhaps finishing with some more open exchanges.

It is hoped that some brief historical context can be supplied where helpful. Friends intending to come to the sessions may like to read-up on early Friends in advance, (or refresh their memories!), using perhaps some of the many histories, texts and biographies in the Betty Curtayne Library.

I would emphasise that such reading is not essential however, and the sessions are intended to be of value to anyone who just comes ‘on spec’ on the day.