Stowmarket Eco Groups Day

Quaker Stall, 10-4.  At the Food Museum, Stowmarket, IP14 1DL

As a complementary event to the exhibition “Every Garden Matters – How to save the world one garden at a time” currently on display in Abbot’s Hall, the Stowmarket Eco Future Group is pleased to announce Suffolk Eco Groups Networking day.

Stowmarket Eco Future Group has learned from existing groups and now has the experience to share with others.  They have created a day for statutory and voluntary groups involved in eco, biodiversity, recycling etc. to meet the public, share expertise and encourage each other’s work.

There will be information stalls, a silent vigil, activities, a mass picnic and a question and answer session. Gardening celebrity Bob Flowerdew will attend to plant the Kett’s Oak which he kindly donated to the group to commemorate the exhibition.


Suffolk Eco Group Networking Day Timetable

10 am start: Displays by Suffolk Eco Groups in the marquee – please come and talk with us.

10.45-12 noon: Meditation followed by Silent Vigil on the lawn behind Abbot’s Hall – acknowledging climate victims globally.

12.30: Gardening expert Bob Flowerdew with be joining us to ceremonially plant a “Kett’s Oak” in the front garden of Abbot’s Hall.

1pm: Vegan/vegetarian picnic for all – come and join us with your plant-based picnic on the lawn at the back of Abbot’s Hall.

2.30pm: Q&A session with organisations and councillors in the marquee.

4pm: Event ends