Stoking our spiritual boilers

Stoking our spiritual boilers

Following discussions at our Open Elder Forum our next local event, is on Saturday 13th October in the afternoon. We hope the timing will help those who cannot easily make Sundays and those who feel that Sundays can be a bit busy! All are very welcome.

“There are too many talkers, and few walkers in Christ” George Fox!- Epistle 1678

Our worship based upon silent waiting testifies to a deeper reality beyond words. Yet we do ourselves a dis-service if we cannot describe our insights and practices.

What words do you hear and use to describe your experience of – That Reality which is unnameable/The Mystery? Translating each other’s words with a term that has meaning for us, side steps both the acknowledgement and enrichment of our different experiences.

This one-off, gently interactive, In-reach session is an opportunity to explore our differences; learn what Bury Quakers “can’st say” and embody our rich diversity.

Led by Mary, Julia & Pam

Do join us….. and stoke your Spiritual boiler!

Saturday 13th October at the Meeting House from 2.30 – 5.00 p.m. with a break for tea!