Salter Lecture

Salter Lecture

Some of us who were at the Yearly Meeting Gathering this year were present at the Salter Lecture and felt that the video of it was well worth sharing with the Meeting. It was delivered by Mollie Scott Cato, who is currently a Green MEP for the South West (and of course a Friend). We felt her Lecture was extremely pertinent to the situation in which we as Friends and the wider society find ourselves and was not to be missed.

A group of us would like to share the Lecture with all other interested Friends and we have booked Sunday 10 December after Meeting, at say 12.00, or whenever coffee etc, finishes! It takes the best part of an hour and if we are fired up (!) the question and answer session following it is well worth while and give one a real flavour of the sort of thing that makes Yearly Meeting and all that goes with it, so rich and valuable.

(Why Salter? I suggest you Google “Quakers in the World” and in particular Ada Salter 1861-1942 and her husband Dr Alfred Salter MP 1873-1945. He was an MP at one stage and she was Mayor of Bermondsey. It is interesting that there was such an age difference between the two. They only had one child who died at the age of 8 after having scarlet fever three times. Of course they never got over it. The bronzes statues of all three are in Bermondsey.)

(photo is of memorial to Alfred Salter)

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