Reading Quaker Faith and Practice – at Julia’s

Reading Quaker Faith and Practice – at Julia’s

Monthly at the home of Julia S – all are welcome

Dear Friends

You are warmly invited to join me to reflect on QF&P chapter 19 ‘Openings’ and chapter 29 ‘Leadings’, on Monday 27th March, 2.30 – 4.15pm.

The final session will be a reflection on the whole of the programme of reading QF&P so you might want to start thinking about your experience now. This will be held on Monday 24th April.

In Friendship

Chapter 19 click here
Chapter 29 click here

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Even if you are not able to join us, do consider reading the chapters yourself! There are online ways of connecting and sharing with other Friends.

For personal reflection resources go to:

To read other Quaker reflections in blogs try:

You might like to use these basic reflection questions suggested by the Revision Preparation Group:

  • how do I react to this material?
  • what does this material, and my reaction to it, tell me about the history and development of Quakerism?
  • what authority do I give to this text?
  • how does this speak to me today?
  • what spiritual benefits do I get from reading and reflecting on this?