The Perfect City

The Perfect City

Echo Time Productions present:

The Perfect City 2014 tour

Sat 17th May
CAMBRIDGE Friends Meeting House Jesus Lane
4.30 and 7.30pm

On the 17th May 2014 Echo Time Productions will stage the first performance of this latest production of a new musical about the life and vision of William Penn. His dream was to create a free and fair society with no weapons or war. How did he get on? Are we still trying to follow his lead?

After being persecuted by his father and established society, young William Penn has to leave his wife and family in England and take his Friends (the Quakers) to safety in America amidst the threat of death and the evils of corruption and slavery.

It is 370 years since William Penn was born.

We all dream of a better world.  Few of us are able to do anything about it, but one man whose vision has become legendary, William Penn, had a chance like no others: he was granted a huge tract of America in which to create an ideal society.  His dream was of a utopia such as the world had never seen, where people could live together, free from tyranny, poverty and exploitation and true to whatever faith they chose.  But could his dream survive a clash with vested interests?    The Perfect City tells the story.

Music & Lyrics by Mercury Musical Developments Members:
Martin Coslett and Ross Clark (Author of Shot at Dawn and The Great Before)

This true story, set in England during the persecution of the 1600’s follows young William Penn, from London on a journey to create his dream. Along the way, he has to leave the love of his life and his new family, But not all is what it seems. Only too late he realises his “Experiment” is far from perfect. If he puts his faith in his servant/companion and the future, will his dream finally come true? The story is now a powerful, thought-provoking new musical. Filled with moving melodies, lingering laments and soaring chorus numbers, this show brings to new audiences the true history, heritage and links between England and America.

Quote about The Perfect City:
I found myself transported and absorbed into the various settings by the quality of the writing and performance. . The way it is written and performed is gripping, entertaining and educational. The acting is superb and so convincing The original songs are beautifully played and sung, not only catchy but also add significantly to the story and of course, the entertainment value.

This play has something for everyone and I would strongly recommend it: absorbing, educational and above all entertaining. A must see.
Peter Hill