One Spirit Interfaith training

One Spirit Interfaith training

Talk by Helen Taylor on her “One Spirit Interfaith training”.

As well as being a member of this Meeting, Helen is now an ordained Interfaith Minister with the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation.

Just before she was ordained she wrote:

“If you are surprised that you haven’t known anything about it until now, it’s probably because it has taken me almost the whole of the two years’ training to quite ‘get my mind around’ it myself! The negative associations I have had (and maybe some of you too?) with words like ‘reverend’, ‘ordination’ and ‘ministry’ (apart from our Quakerly use of that word) have bothered me so much that I have not felt able until now to really talk about it, so I have been a closet Interfaith Student.

“In fact, although we may associate those terms with Christianity, and a certain type of Christianity perhaps, the One Spirit Foundation is not a new religion, nor is it attached to ANY other religion, but seeks to acknowledge, honour and celebrate all that lies at the heart of all religion and all people that connects us and enables us to experience life as an expression of the ‘One Spirit’ (The Mystery, God, Allah, etc – aren’t words clumsy sometimes!) in its myriad diverse forms. The foundation for the whole training is based on AWAKENING – ONENESS – SERVICE and I feel I have been really blessed to be on this course (as well as being turned inside out and upside down at regular intervals too).”