Jobs in Meeting

Jobs in Meeting

Thinking about Nominations.

We shall look at Quaker Faith and Practice paragraphs 3.22-25 Nominations and Appointments.

For anyone new, here’s a quick summary:

  • Quaker meetings do not run themselves – we appoint one another to take on service we need.
  • We try to be equal, so we have no vicar or clergy: we take turns to serve the Meeting.
  • We don’t vote to find names, but we do ask a Nominations Committee (Noms Cttee) to suggest names for each service we need.
  • We normally serve for three years, sometimes six, starting in January.
  • This year Meeting has agreed to ask everyone to use a short form to help Noms Cttee (click here )
  • QF&P 3.22-25 explains the Quaker way on nominations and appointments.
  • Although Noms Cttee works hard to suggest names, it is the Business Meeting that appoints.

On Sunday (14th) we want to remind reach other about this system, how it works and the spiritual basis of it, as among Friends we try to serve the meeting.

If you get a chance to read these passages before Sunday, it will help us all get ready for our 2017 service.

In Friendship,
Martin P (convenor), Gabrielle, Elizabeth, Robin (Nominations Committee)

Do please come!

(We will bring some blank forms on Sunday)