More in Common than Divides Us – picnic

More in Common than Divides Us – picnic

Today we join fellow Christians in Abbey Gardens for their picnic event – More in Common than Divides Us – a chance for United Praise and Outreach.

Bring some bring and share food.

1.00. Churches come for a shared picnic lunch, bring rugs, gazebo if possible, and banners (either with Church name, or a verse or any church banners that you use).

1.00 – 4.00 Music on stage – various churches and schools doing 15-20 minute slots.

Come and go, use the cafe / loos / ice-cream shop etc as desired.
No unaccompanied chlldren, though, please (under 16s).
Please no advertising stands apart from church banners, or alternative literature, (we have already turned some down, so better none at all)
We have drinking water provided, and St. John Ambulance.

4.15 – 4.50/4.55. United Songs of Praise service.

Event ends at