Invisible Women

Invisible Women

Invisible Women

Invisible Women, an all-women theatre group, will be putting on two one-act plays by Tony Layton in aid of two local churches in July.

Both plays explore the potential for misunderstanding and conflict between different generations, and each packs an emotional punch.

Remembrance Day deals with the problems faced by Leanora, consigned to a residential home and losing her once-formidable mental powers. A long-buried family secret is brought out into the open when her daughter and granddaughter come to visit.

The Brown Felt Hat revolves around two sisters whose very different personalities are shown in the way they deal with the privations of war. A third character, Betty, is struggling to forge a new life for herself despite a deprived background. The play ends on a note of hope for the future.

The Double Bill will be performed at 7:00pm
in All Saints Church, Stanton on Friday 11 July 2014 and
at St Michael’s Church, Hunston on Saturday 12 July 2014.

Seating is limited due to the nature of the venues. Please call 07970 470563 to book, or email   Payment will be requested in advance.

Tickets cost £6.  Donations will be requested on the night for wine/soft drinks and food which will be served at the start, interval and at the end.