Human Chain of Hope

Human Chain of Hope

Bury St Edmunds Chain of Hope 2018 would like to announce that this year’s event will be on:


FRIDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 2018 @ 13.00

at the Angel Hill War Memorial

Please join us to make a positive demonstration for Peace.

You may remember that for the past 2 years the event has been held on the Sunday closest to 21st September and that the “Chain of Hope” has been between the 2 war memorials in town. For various reasons it has been impossible to see the full link-up being made at the 2 ends at the same time and so this year the Chain is staying in plain view!

The organisers are looking for new ideas and ways to maximise the potential of the opportunity given by the UN International Day of Peace (always 21st September) and would welcome new ideas and input from anyone interested in furthering this aim.

Please e-mail Clare Mellor: if you/your group plan to attend or you feel inspired to help develop this event for 2019.

About Bury St Edmunds Chain of Hope :

In 2001, member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September – Peace Day.

This was through the efforts of an international organisation called Peace One Day which was formed in 1999.
Peace One Day organises events throughout the world to promote peace in many forms – ceasefires in wars, support for victims of domestic vioience and bullying, encouraging unity through sporting events, education for life-skills, and health projects.

Clare Mellor became aware of events organised by churches (Methodist and others) in Manchester for Peace Day, and was inspired to set up a small working-party of volunteers to devise events to highlight, promote and celebrate this Day in Bury St Edmunds.

So the Bury St Edmunds Chain of Hope was born.