FOOD – ‘There’s a story behind everything we eat’

FOOD – ‘There’s a story behind everything we eat’

Quakers and Business Group (Q&B) – Annual Conference 2014 – Friends House, Euston.

This 10th Q&B Annual Conference will focus on what is happening in the production and distribution of our food and will help you to think about what you can do to encourage good practice and discourage the bad.

The day will be led by four speakers, each sharing both their aspirations and practical experience of the realities we face in bringing food from the field to the home. With an impact upon our climate, our seas, our fresh water and fuel resources, we will be addressing some of the major food and farming challenges including access to food, the impact of changing diets and changing land use. We will be asking where the opportunities for real change lie, particularly in the changing world of the retail sector.

What influence can we, as Quakers, have upon the way our food is produced? How can we bring about change where it is needed? You will leave the conference with a fresh perspective about the good things that are happening and with an opportunity to become part of the change that is needed.

Also, we will use the event to demonstrate the possibilities of smartphone video reporting and to suggest why we might want to become citizen journalists in our communities.

Attendance is priced at £30 for Q&B members and £40 for non-members, which includes refreshments and lunch.

Please sign up by visiting where you will also find the programme.