Creative Reconnection

Creative Reconnection

Bury St Edmunds’ Eldership team have met to discuss possible events for 2022 and have discerned that the first step should be to help blend further our Zoom and MH groups of worshippers.

Therefore, in an ‘experimental’ way, we invite as many as possible of our meeting to join us after the blended MfW on Sunday April 3rd (for an hour from 12 noon) to get together. The theme will be ‘Creative Reconnection’ and we would like everyone to bring something that speaks to them on the subject and which they can in turn speak about. Depending on numbers, we envisage no more than 2 minutes’ per person.

This would follow a very brief personal introduction of our name, connection to Bury LM and list of Quaker roles current from January 2022 (if applicable). This is to help us all know who we are and what we are currently engaged with as Quaker members, attenders or enquirers!

On the day there will be an Elder at the MH and one on Zoom to help coordinate the interweaving of contributions and also one on Zoom Chat to answer questions that might arise, particularly about roles. Questions that we do not have time to answer or that come from the MH will be answered and circulated later.

To celebrate reconnection further, there will be a Shared Lunch afterwards at the Meeting House and Zoom attendees are invited to bring a plate of food maddieto their computer or their iPad to the dining table for their own group meal.

This will necessarily have to be more structured an occasion than Quakers would ideally like, but the challenges of current times dictate. We remember Advice 27 to ‘Live adventurously’!

In loving Friendship

Jenny Chantler
Maddie Powell
Ros Smith