All Age Worship

All Age Worship

Today our Meeting for Worship will take a different form especially designed for All Age Worship.

The theme is “in thy dark streets shineth the everlasting light”, a line from the Carol ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’.

We will open and close the meeting with music from the recorder group; gaze at tealights in jamjars (decorated beforehand) as a settling activity; listen to a story and other readings on the theme as prepared ministry; spend time reflecting on what we have heard, either in silent contemplation or using a craft activity (writing/drawing or decorating star shapes); have time to share our reflections if we choose to; collect our stars on a branch or tree.

Mince pies, star shaped biscuits and ‘mulled’ apple juice would be welcome seasonal additions to our usual refreshments.

The children will be involved throughout.

We propose inviting Friends from other LMs in AM to join us.

Introduction to all age worship

All age worship is a way of fully including children in a meeting for worship. It enables them to experience the power of silence with adults, while still having a focussed activity to guide them through the meeting.

However, it is not a meeting for children. It is a meeting for everyone, whatever their age. It gives adults the opportunity to experience a different way to worship and a different way to minister. Having a focus can help us come with heart and mind prepared.

All age worship is a regular part of the worshipping life of many LMs. A simple framework is suggested for gathering, opening, listening and sharing. A story or theme is offered as prepared ministry to provide a focus. We are asked to consider what it might mean and how it speaks to us. An optional activity is offered as a way to respond creatively – maybe a drawing, doodle, poem or some other craft. Then there is space for sharing our responses. We conclude with the usual shaking of hands, followed by refreshments.