Action on Climate Emergency Online Discussion

Action on Climate Emergency,  April Fools day 7.30.  A zoom discussion based on  two talks about 10 minutes each.
These talks are on you-tube:-
1. By an African – Africa deserves it’s fair share of carbon budget.
 Rose M. Mutiso: The energy Africa needs to develop — and fight climate change | TED Talk
 2.  By the Pope –  Choice is between What matters and What doesn’t
His Holiness Pope Francis: Our moral imperative to act on climate change — and 3 steps we can take (English voiceover) | TED Talk
For the discussion please watch the two beforehand if only at 7.00 on Apr Fools day!
These are two of a number of TED talks preparing/ cajoling the world to COP26. This TED stable is called Countdown: Global Launch.  This link shows the longer Big Picture Talks. To access the many 5 to 10 minute talks you will need to click on the menu, Urgency or Leadership etc, part way through the web page.