Who’s Who for Inter-faith in Bury?

Who’s Who for Inter-faith in Bury?

Organised by SIFRE

A consultation by SIFRE (Suffolk Inter Faith resource).

7th April 6pm (until 7.15ish) at the Quaker Meeting House in St. John’s Street.

Entitled “Who’s Who for Inter-faith in Bury?” it will explore what the opportunities might be for the growth of inter-faith understanding in Bury St. Edmunds.

Bearing in mind that, compared with what has been achieved in the past in Bury, it is no longer possible with limited resources to undertake anything on a large scale, we will explore whether we can nevertheless grow something new and valuable within today’s context. We hope that as a result of this meeting there will emerge a small group of local people ready to help to take this forward.

In this time when we in the UK and all around Europe, are being challenged to receive refugees and migrants on a scale as never before in our lifetime, with generous hearts, I suggest that we might need to start right where we are in response to this greater challenge taking three key words as a basis for our endeavours – Hospitality, Sanctuary and Humility. As people of faith can we apply them to our attitude and relationships with each other in our local community, so that in humility we greet each other and extend a welcome to our sacred places and also to our homes?

For more information please contact Cynthia Capey, Hon Inter-Faith Consultant, 01473 233447 cynthia.capey@sifre.org.uk