Britain Yearly Meeting

Britain Yearly Meeting at Friends House, Euston Road.  Some of us will be going to part or all of our annual gathering.  Attenders should let a Clerk know if they want to go.  Details at and in Documents in Advance.  Don’t let shortage of money put you off.  See your pastoral care coordinator.

Questions for consideration in your Meeting

  • How can we open ourselves fully to the pain of the world without despairing or turning away?  Might allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to each other transform pain into compassion and kindle a passion to heal?
  • How can meetings be places where individuals are both supported and challenged as they wrestle with the complex issues that face us?
  • How are we committed to our Quaker values?  How can we witness for a better social order?  How can the testimonies of individuals bring more peace and economic justice?
  • What can we do to help bring about justice and equality in the society in which we live?

Spiritual preparation for Yearly Meeting 2015 (leaflet)