COP 26 Pilgrimage reaches Bury St.Edmunds

COP 26 Pilgrimage reaches Bury St.Edmunds

Quakers from Bury St. Edmunds taking part in the Quaker Interfaith Pilgrimage to the COP26 Climate Conference were welcomed by Friends in Cambridge on Tuesday 10th August. Hartington Grove Quaker Meeting made its garden available for the handover of letters and messages from Meetings in Suffolk and Norfolk. These will be taken to decision-makers at the COP26 meeting in Glasgow as heads of state, climate experts and campaigners meet to agree coordinated action for tackling climate change.

After a short time of worship, during which relevant extracts from Quakers in Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering  Epistle were read, Bury Friends shared refreshments provided by their hosts, exchanging experiences and ideas for making our Quaker witness on climate justice more visible, and how this may be supported by further changes in our lifestyles.

Andrew Sterling from Ipswich Meeting had cycled to Bury station, bringing the package of letters and messages to hand over to the Bury St Edmunds pilgrims before they boarded the train. The pilgrims carried placards explaining their mission and distributed leaflets to other passengers on the train, engaging some in conversation about the climate emergency. 

Quakers from Cambridgeshire Area Meeting will now add their own messages and deliver the growing package to Kings Lynn on Sunday 29th August. On Tuesday 17th August, Bury Meeting House acted as a staging post, this time for pilgrims travelling by bus or cycle to Sudbury. Their messages will then be passed on to Essex to link with Northeast London Meetings joining the Camino Pilgrimage.

The photo shows the  Bury pilgrims handing over messages to Friends at Hartington Grove Meeting House, Cambridge.

Handing over messages to Quakers in Cambridge