Collection: Shannon Trust

Collection: Shannon Trust

The charity collection for the third quarter of 2013 is for The Shannon Trust.

Thousands of prisoners are unable to engage in the rehabilitation journey because of their inability to read. We want to transform lives by inspiring prisoners who can read, to teach prisoners who cannot.

Every prisoner a reader

We want to engage with every non-reading prisoner early in their sentence, to open up new avenues of opportunity, and give them hope for a new and different life.

By providing learners with opportunities to develop life skills, it better equips them to live as contributing members of society.

Our goals:

To equip

We want prisoners to leave prison equipped with the life skills they need to live as contributing members of society. Learning to read is the key which unlocks these life skills.

We want to ensure that facilitators, volunteers and staff are equipped with the knowledge, skills and support they need to help prisoners to learn to read.

To engage

We want the experience of learning to be seen as a positive, life-enriching experience.

We want to engage with, and listen to everyone we work with, to create an inclusive community which informs the work we do.

To inspire

We want the experience of learning to read to be a first step in opening up opportunities for prisoners, and to inspire them to live a fulfilled, crime-free life.

We want to celebrate the positive experiences and life stories of the people we work with.

Find out more about The Shannon Trust on their website.